These products were gifted in exchange for a review however, all views remain my own

Teeth whitening, Nano intensive whitening strips, Whitewash Labs, whitening strips

Whitewash Laboratories Nano: Intensive Teeth Whitening Strips

Hello, my name is Alice and I am a tea addict. Because of this, my teeth aren’t as white as I’d like them to be #firstworldproblems. So when Whitewash Laboratories got in touch asking if I’d be interested in trying some of their products, I couldn’t resist.

In the past, I have dabbled a little in whitening products but have always been a little wary of damaging my teeth. You often hear stories about teeth whitening strips making teeth more sensitive and generally not being that good for them.

So why did I agree to try Whitewash?

Whitewash was founded in 2010 by Matthew Lloyd and Tom Riley, Matthew being a dental graduate and Tom being based in business. They combined their expertise and developed dental products that help whiten teeth and don’t cost an arm and a leg. They are also based in the North-East of England, and I do love supporting local brands when I can.

The fact the products themselves are developed by dentists gave me the reassurance that my teeth were in safe hands. I had previously tried their whitening toothpaste and saw noticeable results, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen from a whitening toothpaste before. However for me, I did struggle a little with the flavour of the toothpaste – it wasn’t horrid, but it wasn’t a flavour I looked forward to every morning and evening.

Teeth whitening, Nano intensive whitening strips, Whitewash Labs, whitening strips

But today we’re talking about the Nano intensive teeth whitening strips. These are much stronger product than the toothpaste so I was super excited to see what the results would be like. If you’ve ever used whitening strips before you’ll know what to do. But basically after brushing your teeth on a morning or evening, you apply the strips for 30 minutes peel off and you’re done. You repeat this for 14 days but if you have overly sensitive teeth you could alternate days so not to anger your teeth too much, but I didn’t find the strips made my teeth sensitive.

I found that drying my teeth a little first helped them to stick better and you’re also advised not to run your tongue along the strips when they’re on your teeth – which is easier said than done. Previous whitening strips I’ve tried I’ve found quite uncomfortable and I’ve ended up dribbling all over the place. But these were much nicer to wear, I admit I did dribble a little on the first application, but that didn’t last long as I became used to the sensation of having them on my teeth.

To begin with, I began applying these on a morning as I popped my make up on as an easy way to incorporate the 30 minutes processing time into my daily routine. From using the first strip I instantly noticed a difference in the colour of my teeth. I did notice however, the vibrancy and whiteness did die down a couple of hours later – but I don’t know if this is down to the fact I usually had a cup of tea after getting ready for work.

But I have since found it nicer to wear these on an evening whilst I sit and chill with a good book and it means I’m not drinking a cup of tea straight afterwards. Having used these for two weeks I have noticed a change in the whiteness of my smile. The only downside for me is that they have brought up a little white spot on one my front tooth which wasn’t noticeable before, but I can live with that.


Hell yes! To find a whitening product that’s affordable, safe to use and actually works gets a big thumbs up from me. Their products aren’t tested on animals either (I asked) which is an even bigger plus for me. To find out more information about Nano and their products visit their site here

Would you try whitening products?

These products were gifted in exchange for a review however, all views remain my own