Feeling Confident With Summer Style.

This post contains gifted items, however all views remain my own.

Summer style, boohoo, xylondon, culottes, monki, summer fashionTOP: MONKI (SIMILAR) | TROUSERS: BOOHOO | SHOES: XYLONDON* | EARRINGS: BOOHOO

If you’re anything like me the words ‘summer fashion’ usually generates feelings of horror and panic. When I was younger summer didn’t bother me all that much. I spent 90% of my time outside, had a face full of freckles and tan lines where my socks had been. But the older you get the more self-conscious you get about your body and how it looks.

My legs are a huge insecurity for me and have been for years. Previously I think I was more self-conscious of the paleness of them. I can remember being around 10/11 and wearing a dress and having a total stranger shout at me to get some fake tan on. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt to accept I have pale skin and there’s not much I can do about it.

From then on, my insecurities came down to my legs ‘chunkiness’ – or at least the way I perceive them. Being of the pear-shaped variety, my weight sits predominantly on the bottom half of my body. So here I am with a size 10 waist but my ass and thighs are at least one size bigger. Over the years this has caused me to feel self-conscious about my legs and not really enjoying getting them out in public too often.

Summer style, boohoo, xylondon, culottes, monki, summer fashionSummer style, boohoo, xylondon, culottes, monki, summer fashion

Discovering culottes.

Remember a few summers ago culottes were a huge trend? Whenever I tried them on I always felt that my legs were too chunky to be able to carry them off. I do wish I could go back and slap myself for thinking this way. I don’t know what changed but recently, I think I just cared less about what others thought about it. And I finally took the step to buy my first pair of culottes. What took me so long?

They’re comfortable, stylish and perfect on a hot day as they keep you cool. Since then my wide leg and culotte collection has grown exponentially. And these candy-striped tie waist ones from Boohoo are the newest in my collection.

Summer style, boohoo, xylondon, culottes, monki, summer fashion Summer style, boohoo, xylondon, culottes, monki, summer fashion

For me, wide leg trousers and culottes are the perfect summer trouser. Its tough to find an outfit where you feel stylish, but don’t spend the day sweating to death. Jeans way too restrictive, sticky and just uncomfortable on hot days. Being able to stay cool on a hot summers day, whilst still feeling confident is a winner for me.

There’s only one way I can describe this look, and its sweet shop chic. When I first saw these trousers I knew there would be lots of items in my wardrobe they would go with. Deciding on an all pink outfit was a must, and I think they look great with my favourite Monki t-shirt. When XYLONDON got in contact and asked if I’d like to review a pair of their shoes I knew these pink espadrille style sandals would be the perfect addition to my outfit.

They’re a really good height for day to day wear and really easy to walk in. The espadrille-style platform is a really stylish touch and makes these feel quite sophisticated. Looking at these flatforms you’d never think they were less than £20. I can definitely see myself getting a lot of wear out of these over the summer, whether it’s with a pair of pink culottes, a little summer dress or just a plain pair of jeans, they’re the perfect addition to any summer outfit.

Photography: Yasmina Madgy


This post contains gifted items, however all views remain my own.