Secondhand Style #2 – They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Photography: Yasmina Madgy 


Secondhand Style: They call me Mellow Yellow

Secondhand Style #2

Top: F+F (Depop) | Trousers: Zara (Charity Shop) | Handbag: Accessorize (Charity Shop) 

Back in 2017 I posted about a feature I was going to introduce called Secondhand Style. A series where I would be showcasing my favourite charity shop finds. At this time I was buying quite a lot of clothing from Depop and charity shops. But as the summer hit, I found myself shopping more and more on the high-street. So the series quickly dwindled.

If you saw my last post you’ll know I’ve decided to give up fast fashion completely. So I’m happy to say the Secondhand Style series has made a comeback. And the second instalment features an outfit entirely of secondhand purchases. Proof that you can still be ‘on trend’ with thrifted items- it just takes a little more work.

Secondhand Style: They call me Mellow Yellow Secondhand Style: They call me Mellow Yellow

A few weeks ago I spent the day hitting the charity shops around my local town centres with not a lot of luck. By 3.30pm I had pretty much thrown in the towel, but I carried on wandering about as I had half an hour wait before Lee finished work.

I popped into the British Heart Foundation, which isn’t a shop I buy from a lot in as I find my local one a little on the pricey side. But alas, I meandered along inside for a quick browse.

I don’t often look at the trouser section of charity shops, as I often struggle to get them to fit well. But for some reason on this day, I decided to have a lurk at the jeans. When I was about to walk away towards the bookshelves at the back, I spotted a pop of mustard peeking out from all the denim.

Low and behold, I had found the worlds most amazing trousers. High waisted, wide legged and mustard – Hallelujah!

Secondhand Style: They call me Mellow Yellow Secondhand Style: They call me Mellow Yellow

The trousers themselves are originally Zara, a brand I know has slightly temperamental sizing. These particular trousers were in a size Medium, which I find often translates to a size 10 in Zara. And as somebody blessed with a backside, I had a feeling these wouldn’t get past my thighs.

I knew if I left without trying them on I’d forever be wondering if they were meant to be. Luck was on my side that day as they fit like a glove. Never have I know a pair of trousers fit me as well as these ones. They fit perfectly around my waist and I didn’t have to shimmy in them to get them past my thighs. But most importantly, I feel amazing in them. And they only cost me £4.99!

Secondhand Style: They call me Mellow Yellow

On my way home from town, I was already planning outfits in my head of ways I could style them. With a wardrobe full of stripes and slogan t-shirts, I knew there would be loads of ways I could wear these.

But I stuck with a simple look for their first outing. Teaming them up with a splodgy polka dot blouse I picked up from Depop for next to nothing, and a faux leather bag I found at work.

I think all in all this whole outfit, not including the shoes which I bought brand new. Cost me less than £25. Which for trousers, a top and a handbag is a pretty sweet deal. Proof that you don’t have to spend a lot on more sustainable clothing if you purchase secondhand.