Pizza Punks Newcastle: Anarchy in the Oven [AD]

Pizza Punks Newcastle Launch Night

I love Pizza. Pizza is life.

Pizza is my favourite food, so when I saw Pizza Punks was coming to Newcastle, I was pretty excited to try somewhere new for that pizza fix. If I had to choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life if would easily be Pizza. There are so many possibilities on toppings you would never tire of eating it every day.

However, since turning Vegan back in July I’d accepted a life of mediocre pizza with no cheese. Vegan cheese is quite difficult to get right. I’ve tried quite a few and there’s only a handful of those I’d buy again. 

Vegan cheese often does not melt very well, or it smells and tastes like feet. So I find it easier to just avoid dairy free cheese altogether instead of having bad cheese. So I was pretty excited to see not only did Pizza Punks provide Vegan friendly toppings, Vegan freak-shakes, but also vegan cheese!

Pizza Punks Newcastle Launch Night

Pizza Punks prides themselves on their love for good pizza, exactly how you want it, without paying through the nose for the choice. For just £10 you can build your own pizza and make it exactly as you want. You first start with choosing your base, which includes a Gluten-free option for those with coeliac disease. You then choose your own sauce, classic tomato, smoky BBQ or a creamy white sauce for something different. Then pick you from five different kinds of cheese, including vegan cheese – hurrah!

Once you’ve chosen the fundamentals of a good pizza, you’re able to choose as many toppings as you want – at no extra cost. This includes an abundance of different meats and proteins – including vegan-friendly sausage and haggis! A huge selection of different veggies and even a ‘wild card’ section which includes items like tortilla chips and Mac ‘n’ cheese.

Pizza Punks Newcastle Launch Night

If you don’t fancy choosing your own toppings, it can be overwhelming sometimes having that much choice. You can choose pre-made options to choose from, including a full English breakfast pizza, cheesesteak calzone and a fake moo veggie/vegan option.

I opted for; the sourdough base, red sauce, veggie sausage, red onions and mushrooms and Vegan cheese. In hindsight, I really wish I’d tried the veggie haggis, which Lee had on his pizza and highly recommended. Writing this I’m already considering a trip just to give the haggis a try.

I’d happily rate this as one of the best vegan pizza’s I’ve had so far, and believe me I’ve tried a few. The base was the perfect amount of crispy, the red sauce was delicious and fresh, and cheese that melts. CHEESE THAT MELTS!

Pizza Punks Newcastle Launch Night
Pizza Punks Newcastle Launch Night

Not only was the food and drinks amazing, for me the atmosphere is what really made it. Being part of the emo kid generation, somewhere like Pizza Punks with a more alternative style is right up my street. With decor full of neon lights and exposed brick walls, there’s a really good vibe to this place.

If you haven’t already I highly recommend you check out Pizza Punks, located on Grey Street. We’re already planning a trip on Friday evening for Pizza and cocktails.

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