Sustainable Style with Lucy and Yak [AD]

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Lucy and Yak Dungaree's and Rainbow socks

Dungarees: Lucy and Yak* Socks: Lucy and Yak*

Introducing Lucy and Yak

Since starting my sustainable fashion journey I’ve been on the hunt for ethical fashion brands that fit with my personal style. I found a lot of ethical and sustainable fashion brands focused on quite a minimalistic style, neutral colours and simplistic design. Which if you know me you’ll know doesn’t really fit with my personal style.

This is where Lucy and Yak came to the rescue!

I first became aware of the brand through In Colourful Company. So many of the members of the group starting wearing these amazing colourful dungarees and I just had to know where they were from. I’ve followed them since fairly early on in their journey – they’ve only been around since 2017 believe it or not.

Lucy and Yak Dungaree's in Kale Green

Who are Lucy and Yak?

Lucy and Yak were originally founded by Lucy and Chris, who had previously decided to quit their jobs and travel the world, moved back to the UK and purchased themselves a van to live in, who they called Yak. They then began selling vintage clothing from their van and quickly discovered they had an eye for fashion. So started the process of designing their own pieces, focusing on dungarees.

After lots of travelling and hunting, they found their perfect tailors to help envisage their ideas and they were off! They originally began with just 30 pairs of dungaree’s, Lucy modelled them and they uploaded them onto Depop and they were an instant hit! As they were regularly selling out time and time again, they decided it was time to set up a website, and the rest was history. Lucy and Yak were born!

Lucy and Yak Dungaree's in kale green

What Do They Stand For?

So what exactly do Lucy and Yak stand for? Well for starters their main priority is to create unique pieces of clothing, that are high in quality and sustainably made. They choose to make their garments from recycled or organic materials and are made by staff who are treated fairly and paid well for their work.

All of their clothing is manufactured in North India, overseen by a tailor called Ismail. Who’s staff not only earn 4 times the state minimum wage but have recently relocated to a brand new factory with improved working conditions. It’s really refreshing to find a brand who work hard on making sure their products are made by staff who are fairly paid and who care so much about improving their working environment. You don’t get that when you shop fast fashion.

Lucy and Yak Always striving to improve their social and environmental impact. Their mailing bags are 100% biodegradable and they’re working on removing as much plastic from the entire production of their garments as they can. They even send their products in gorgeous handmade material bags, I’ve repurposed mine for taking to the supermarket for loose veggies.

Lucy and Yak Dungaree's in Kale Green

The one thing I love about Lucy and Yak is how colourful their dungarees are. Finding ethical fashion that isn’t boring sure is a task and a half. But with a range of different colour dungarees, in lots of different styles, they have an amazing range to choose from.

They’ve even started expanding into other items, such as coats, boilersuits and even zero waste living products. They’re quickly becoming the one stop shop for fun ethical living!

Lucy and Yak Dungaree's in Kale Green




These items were gifted in exchange for this post - for more information visit my disclaimer page