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Hello. Hi there. How do you do?

First of all, let me introduce myself, I am Alice-Christina and I am the one who is in charge of this colourful space of the internet.

I am a Twenty-Seven-year-old Geordie lass with colourful hair and an equally colourful wardrobe.

When I’m not working in retail or writing on my blog, you’ll often find me with sitting in a local cafe with an oat milk flat white, rearranging my rainbow bookcase or hunting through my local charity shop determined to find myself a bargain. 

Alice’s Wonder Emporium is colourful and creative space where I combine my passion for a more sustainable life with my love of colour and creativity. 

Helping to inspire others to consume with a conscience, without sacrificing your personality.



Alice's Wonder Emporium - Fashion

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Originally founded in 2013, Alice’s Wonder Emporium was jam packed with posts full of fast fashion, cheap cosmetics and all round consumerism, all written from bedroom full of stuff I didn’t need.

Fast forward 5 years and my lifestyle took a total 360. Turning vegetarian in 2017 and then vegan in 2018 my eyes were opened to how my choices were impacting the planet.

As I started to explore the world of sustainable living, especially sustainable fashion I quickly realised there was a real lack of colour and personality.

Through this space on the web I aim to show that a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring.

You’ll often find me showcasing my favourite Charity Shop purchases, my journey into ditching fast fashion and my favourite ethical brands who aren’t afraid of colour!

Follow along to see my journey into trying to live a less wasteful existence, reducing the amount of plastic I use in my day to day life and making changes that are better for the planet.

So if you think you like the sound of all that, why not stick around! You can keep up to date with all my recent posts by following me on Bloglovin  or pop over to Twitter or Instagram and we can have a chat.